April 2019 Update

Kitimat Gyro Club Update – April 2019

With the Kitimat Installation in September, our annual update starts at the beginning of our clubs 63rdyear.

2018 highlights were:

  1. Hosting our regular meetings twice per month including socializing, dinner, chase the ace and jokes.
  2. Founders Night and Gyro Trivia Night;
  3. Gyro Hockey Night;
  4. Our two (2) main fundraising activities are in the 4thquarter of each year:
    1. The Annual Grey Cup Stag in November 2018 for the 4thyear running;
    2. Bartending for the Kitimat Seniors Centre Xmas party for the 3rdyear running;
  5. Held our first two (2) Gyro Billiards Nights;
  6. The Gyro Christmas Party with the “Guinea Pig Xmas” theme had pot luck food spread, creative drinks, poems and gifts for the Gyro’s and a Chinese Gift Exchange for the Gyro Ladies;
  7. A donation to the community food bank around Christmas time.

2019 highlights so far were:

  1. The 3rdGyro Billiards Night;
  2. Gyro Lady Appreciation Night (our Valentines Day Meeting) where we went all in on decorations, chocolate, champagne, gifts and roses for the Gyro Ladies;
  3. Trivia Night;
  4. Gyro Curling Night which included 2 hours of curling followed by appetizers and drinks.

Upcoming events include:

  1. Gyro Playoff Hockey Night;
  2. Presenting the Gyro Scholarship in June;
  3. Club BBQ and Golf Scramble in July;
  4. The Kitimat Installation on the September 6-8thweekend.

You are welcome to follow along with through our clubs GYROMAT newsletter which is issued monthly by email within District IV or on the Kitimat Gyro Club website https://kitimat.gyro.org.

In friendship,

Steve Revell

President, Kitimat Gyro Club